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CASE: Taking Charge at Domtar; What it Takes for a Turnaround

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CASE: Taking Charge at Domtar; What it Takes for a Turnaround


Review the Domtar case from Chapter 6 and answer the following questions:


In the implementation of Kaizen, what groups of employees are likely to need training? How should the trainees be organized? Think of this issue from a training design perspective and from a training content perspective.


For the type of training envisioned, what are the learning objectives? Write these objectives in complete form.


For each group of employees that will need training, what are the organizational constraints that need to be addressed in the design of the training? What design features should be used to address these constraints? Be sure to address both the learning and transfer of training issues.

Chapter 10 Case Question

You are assigned the challenge of designing the training program for the temporary CSS employees who must complete training before they become permanent CSS employees.


What are the training objectives for the CSS training program? Indicate how these objectives are tied to the KSA requirements. Assume that all trainees have college degrees but need KSAs in all other areas listed in the qualifications section.


Base on the training objectives, provide a training agenda and indicate the time allocate and order of modules in your program.


For each module, describe the goals of the module and the training methods you will use to accomplish it. Provide your rationale.

1. How will you evaluate whether each person in your training program has mastered the knowledge and skill levels needed to perform as a CSS? Describe the type of questions you would ask of those supervising the CSS employees graduating from your program.

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