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Philosophy 101 week 1

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Subject: Philosophy
Due on: 09/20/2013
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discussion question 1:

Hello everyone, Philosophy is about the discussion of ideas. The first idea we'll discuss applies to any discussion about any subject. The topic for discussion this week is this: What is truth, and how is it different from opinion?


Also, the main assignment is to read up on Tim O' Brien's,"The Things They Carried" and write the journal.

The journal must show your reading of the assigned materials and your thinking about matters relevant to thecourse. The guided readings and questions in the online classroom will help you reflect on the materials in order

to respond through your journal. The journal is not a summary; it is a response to the readings. (You shouldconsult the sample journal.) Your responses should show your reflective judgment.The order of learning is supposed to be: reading, writing, and discussing, so journal entries should usually bemade before discussions. You must enter the dates of your writing. (Don’t put the assignments in the headings.Those references show up in the entry itself.) It is good to leave in earlier misunderstandings when they arecorrected at later dates; this shows development. The journals should reflect the student's humility instead of a

"know it all" attitude. You may disagree with an author or the instructor, but support your position with reflectivereasons and relevant scholarly research.

The journal must be in proper scholarly form for the humanities (not social sciences or natural sciences). For apassing grade, parenthetical documentation must be used (MLA style) if citing from one of the assigned texts.

samples.)You are expected to use proper grammar and correct spelling and punctuation. The course is reading and writingintensive, so rewriting is important for most students.The journal work is to be submitted four times. Only new material is submitted. The minimum length for each ofthe four journals is 1,500 words

Tags week philosophy journal discuion reading relevant proper reflect aigned writing scholarly materials dates sciences readings submitted journals order natural research humanities form social support students humility development shows later instead know instructor

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Philosophy 101 week 1

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Preview: despite xxx opinions xxx real truth xxx nothing to xx with xxxxxxxx xxx beliefs xxxx are only xxxxxxxx to the xxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx all opinions xxx at that xxxxx only xxxxx xx preferred xxx example, if xxxxxxx look at xxx glass xx xxx left xxx make.....
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Preview: decisions xxx good xxxxxx for soldiers xxx whom I xx responsible x xx also xxxxx about my xxxxxx back in xxxx along xxxx xxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx I also xxxxx that whether x am xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx for xx daughters so xxxx they can xxxx a xxxx xxxx I xx also afraid xx taking wrong xxxxxxxxx because xxxx xx would xx hard to xxxxxxx them Sometimes x always xxxx xxxxxxx with xx worries and xxxxxxxxx baggage and xxxx make xxxx xxxx no xxxx watch my xxxxxxxxx baggage Sometimes x feel xxxx x duck xx the water, xxxxxxx everything looks xxxx on xxx xxxxxxx the xxxx looks calm xxx peaceful but xxxxx the xxxxx xx is xxxxxxx his legs xxxxxxxxxxx just to xxxx afloat xxxx xxxx I xxxx like I xxx barely stay xxxxxxx but x xxxx always xxxx forward and xxx not to xxx anybody xxx xx emotional xxxxxxx As stated xx page 190 xx The xxxxxx xxxx Carried, xxxxx he knew xxxxx it, the xxxx made xxx xxxxxxxxx (O’Brien xxxx Person’s mind xxx become blank xxx to xxxx x can xxxx relate with xxx fear but x also xxxx xxxx it xxxx increases the xxxxxxxxx and scariness x have xxxx xxxx the xxxx in my xxxxxxxxxx eyes He xxx twice xxxxxxx xxxx and xx now on xxx tour to xxxxxxxxxxx He xx xxx state xxxx like an xxxxx shell, he xxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxx out the xxxxx of his xxxxxxx who xxxx xxxxxx in xxxxxx wars His xxxx has made xxx mad xxx xxx he xxxx support from xxx family and xxxxxxx to xxx xx his xxxxxx life He xxx killed so xxxx people xxxx xxx his xxxxxx life he xxxx the faces xx dead xxxxxx xxx all xxx dreams are xxxxxxx He has xxxxxxxxx all xxx xxxxxxxxxxx that x soldier face xx mentioned in xxx Marilyn xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx My xxxxxx has become xxxxxxxxxxx dead and xxx return xx xxxxxxxx world xx more dreadful xxxx his war xxxx All xxx xxxxx short xxxxxxx can easily xxxxxx to the xxxxxxxxx Iraq xxx xx any xxxx soldier’s lifestyle xxxxxxx the same xxx soldiers xxxxx xxxx thoughts, xxxx fears and xxxx concerns “As x first xxxxxxxxxx.....
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