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5 pages research essay with one page summary

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Subject: Music
Due on: 11/09/2015
Posted On: 11/07/2015 03:12 AM

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he goal of this assignment is to document, as a class, the varieties of global popular music that can be found in Los Angeles. Students will use UCLA Library’s resources, including Ethnomusicology Archive and Powell Library’s Inquiry Labs, to conduct original research on an individual musician or band from any historical period up to the present- that has made a contribution to the cultural life of Los Angeles. The selected musician or band may practice any genre of popular music that has direct ties to Los Angeles including, for example, Mexican mariachi, Brazilian samba, Filipino hiphop, African-American gospel, and Cambodian rock music. Your selection should be made from the list of suggested artist/bands (to be provided) or, if approved by the instructor or TA, you may choose a musician or band of your own interest.

Students may make use of course readings, but must also cite AT LEAST FOUR outside sources ( including a minimum of ONE print publication, such as a book, newspaper, or magazine article, and ONE audiovisual source, such as a music video, documentary film, or audio CD.) You cayuse Wikipedia to locate other sources, but it will NOT count as one of your required sources. Make sure you consult the artist or band’s official website, and those of legitimate educational and entertainment outlets, since fan site often contain unreliable or unverified information. The parer should be Five pages 1250 words, and should be formatted in Times New Roman, 12pt. double-spaced, with 1”margins. In addition to the paper, students will write a one page 250word abstract about the individual or band that they researched

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