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Why do the authors propose that marks only reflect academic achievement, and not other factors like effort or attitude? Could including factors like these in the marking data affect instructional decisions that need to be made? Explain.

Q2Explain quantitative item analysis and qualitative item analysis. What are their benefits to learning and assessment? What are the risks to learning and assessment if these types of analyses are not administered? Finally, provide two examples of imperfect test items for your peers to qualitatively analyze. Explain why you think it is necessary for teachers to use a combination of both qualitative and quantitative item analysis.
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Preview: the xxxxxxxx choice xxxxx When this xx used then xxxxx are xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx which xxx often result xx the difficulty xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx index In xxx qualitative item xxxxxxxx there xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx data xxx the method xx for the xxxxxxxx of xxx xxxx items xxxxx do not xxxx the student xxxxxxxxx but xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx test, their xxxxxxxxx their content xxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxx quality xxxx these methods xxxxxx be used xxxxxxxx and xx xxxxxxxx should xxx to use xxxx one method xxx of xxx xxx It xx helpful to xxx educators as xxxx are x xxxx way xx edit and xxxxxxxxxx the items xxx.....
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