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bus 522 discussn 8

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Read and review page 420 in your textbook and post your responses to questions 2, 8 and 10. Remember, to earn full credit you must respond to your classmates.

.75pt="">Page 420, Questions 2, 8 and 10

.75pt="">Many of the companies on Fortune magazine’s list of most admired companies are also on its list of most profitable ones. Some people say this proves that high social capital translates into profits. Other people suggest that high profitability is the primary reason the companies have a good culture and are admired in the first place. Discuss your thinking about these two differing interpretations.


.75pt="">Why has globalization contributed to more complex ethical issues? Do you think it’s possible for a company operating in many different countries to have a cohesive corporate culture? To have uniform ethical values?


.75pt="">Codes of ethics have been criticized for transferring responsibility for ethical behavior from the organization to the individual employee. Do you agree? Do you think a code of ethics is valuable for an organization?

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bus 522 discussion 8

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Preview: clear xxxx the xxxxxx is The xxxxxxxxx who are xx this xxxx xxx have xxxx very successful xxx profitable Every xxxxxxx had x xxxxxxxxxxxx name xxx they are xxxxxxxxxx leaders in xxxxx industry xxxx xxx looked xx too and xxxxxxx because they xxxx been xxxxxxxxxx xxx culture, xx a nation, xxxxxx large importance xx winning, xxxxxxxx xxx victory xxxxxxxxxx grow up xxxx competitiveness at xxxxx turn xxx xxxxx a xxx at all xxxx approach A xxxxxxx example xx xxxx Even xxxxxx there is xxxxx evidence, during xxx early xxxxxx xxxx Nike xxx directly responsible xxx child labor xxxxxxxxx being xxxx xx make xxxxx products This xxxxxx have had x huge xxxxxxxx xxxxxx upon xxx society views xxxx organization While, xx may xxxx xxxxxxxx some xxxxxxx opinion they xxx still ranked xx most xxxxxxx xxxxxxx It xx the fact xxxx they have xxxx successful xxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx look up xx them 4 xxx Why xx xxxxxxxxxxxx leadership xx important to xxx influence of xxxxxxxx Does x xxxxxxxx act xxxxxxxxxxx more about x company values xxxx an.....
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