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Academic Integrity

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Due on: 09/19/2013
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Complete a 5-7 page paper (1750 - 2450 words) on the importance of maintaining academic honesty. This paper must be in proper APA format with 3-5 peer reviewed references.
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Preview: dishonest xx is xx important value xxxx needed to xx taught xx xxxxxxxx in xxx initial stages xx when they xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx so xxxx they can xxxxxxxx this behavior xxx through xxxxx xxxxxxxx life xxxx they will xxxxxxxx such behavior xxxxxxxxxxx even xx xxx higher xxxxxxxxx then they xxxxxxxxxx continue to xxxxx their xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx honesty xxx integrity Academic xxxxxxxxxx is not xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx but xx also happens xx online learning xxxxxxxxxxx Importance xx xxxxxxxx Honesty xxxxxxx helps others xx judge about xxxx character xxxx xxx you xxx This means xxxxxxx reflects your xxxxxxxxxxx similarly xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx also xxxxx an important xxxx in defining xxxxxxxxxxxxxx character xxxx xxxx outline xxx complete personality xx an individual xxxxxxx also xxxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxx about employees xxxx what kind xx contributions xxxx xxxx make xx the society xxx what kind xx employees xxxx xxx If xxx employee cross xxx lines of xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xx reach xxxxx goals easily xxx quickly they xxx found xx xxxxxx dishonest xxxxxxxxx Although everyone xxxxxx that they xxxxxxxx honesty xxx xxxxxxxxx in xxxxx work and xxxx cross their xxxxxx when xxxx xxxx to xxxxxxxx their self xxxx when they xxxx promotions xx xxxxx career xxx education A xxxxx conducted by xxxxxx Levenburg, xxxxxxxxxx xxx Mothersell xxxxxx that there xx a very xxxx degree xx xxxxxxxxxxx between xxxxxxxx in the xxxxxx and unethical xxxxxxxx followed xx xxxxxxxxx It xx due to xxxxxxxxxxx pressure that xxxxxx have xx xxx unethical xxxx to reach xxxx goals without xxxxxxxxxxx ethics xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx McKendall, xxx Mothersell, 2007) xxxxx everyone wants xx shine xxx xxxx to xxxxx on the xxxx of others xxxxxx do xxx xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx others, whether xx is related xx getting xxxx xxxxxx in xxx paper or x matter related xx the xxx xxxxxxxxx or xxxxxx a big xxxxx There is xx intense xxxxxxxxxxx xxx everyone xx in the xxxx to come xxxxx Children xx xxx elementary xxxxxx take pressure xx get good xxxxxx from xxx xxxxx they xxxxx the school xxxxxxx Levenburg, McKendall, xxx Mothersell, xxxxx xxxx competition xxx urgency is xxxx responsible for xxxxxxxx people’s xxxx.....
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