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CRJ 303 Week 1 DQ

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Due on: 09/19/2013
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Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Discuss the pros and cons of four of the six correctional aims or goals of sentencing.

Week 1 Discussion Question 2

Compare and contrast the differences between the corrections system today versus what you learned about the history of corrections in the United States. Identify at least one similarity and one difference between the philosophies of today’s corrections and that of the past.

Tags week corrections week question discuion history united learned states similarity todays past philosophies difference versus identify differences correctional cons pros discu aims goals contrast compare sentencing today

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CRJ 303 Week 1 DQ

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compare_and_contrast.docx (11.57 KB)
Preview: result xxx prisons xxxx not too xxxxxxx and there xxx scope xxx xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxxx themselves and xxxx back to xxxx life xxx xxxx a xxxxxx life However xxxxx days the xxxxxx system xx xxx United xxxxxx pays more xxxxxxxxxx to retribution xx a xxxxxx xxx number xx prisoners in xxx American prison xxxxxx has xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx proportions xxx system today xxxxxxxx in bringing xxxx.....
crj_303_week_1_dq_1.docx (12.38 KB)
Preview: are xx follows:Incapacitation: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is essentially xxxxxxxxxx that helps xx prevent xx xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx to commit xxxxx The pro xx this xxxx xx that xxxxx it effectively xxxxxxx the criminal xxxx the xxxxxx xxx helps xx protect the xxxxxxx at the xxxx time xx xxxxxx truly xxxxx criminal behavior.....
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