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bus 522 organizational theory week 2

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Week 2

Workbook Activity II: Identifying Company Strategies and Effectiveness Criteria


· Go to page 84 in your text.

· Review Chapter 2 Workbook: Identifying Company Strategies and Effectiveness Criteria.

· Follow the directions in the workbook.

· Answer questions 1 through 3 associated with this workbook on page 84.

· Place your work in the Dropbox.

Case Analysis I: Aquarius Advertising Agency


· Read the case for analysis: Aquarius Advertising Agency on Page 138-140 in your text.

· After reading the case study answer the following questions:

o Analyze Aquarius with respect to the five contextual variables. How would you describe the environment, goals, culture, size and technology of Aquarius?

o Design a new organization structure that takes into consideration the contextual variables in the case and the information flows.


Would a matrix structure be feasible for Aquarius? Why or why not?

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bus 522 week 2 assignments

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Preview: better xxxxx for xxxxxxxxxxx to come xxxxxxxxx main focus xx on xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx products in xxxxxxxxx markets (Starbucks, xxxxx  And xx xxx other xxxx Ford want xx demonstrate and xxxxx functional xxx xxxxxxxxx excellence xxx also want xx adapt a xxxxxxxxxxxx improvement xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 2013) xxxxxx 3Neither of xxx goals and xxxxxxxxxx can xx xxxxxxx because xxx are set xxxxx.....
Preview: this xxxxxxxx as xx is very xxxxxx so as xx gain xx xxxx the xxxxxxx very quickly xx the behaviour xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx or xxxxx is innovation xx a product xxx this xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx with xx prior warning xxxxx the emphasis xx on xxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxx art the xxxxxxxxxx becomes non-routine xxx structure xxx xxxx time xxxxxxxxxxx and is xxxxxxxxxx as it xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx The xxxx is to xx very creative xxx to xxxxxxx xxx customers x lot Design x new organization xxxxxxxxx that xxxxx xxxx consideration xxx contextual variables xx the.....
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