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Organizational Behavior - O - W000 (June 2013 0001) (2222_9W1_MGMT_317

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Subject: Business / General Business
Due on: 09/19/2013
Posted On: 09/17/2013 02:18 AM
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ake Test: Activities 5.4 - Quiz

Question 1

Pursuing ethical standards in negotiations may be side tracked by an overemphasis on __________.




organizational interests

community interests

social responsibility

Active Standards

Question 2

__________ negotiation takes place when each party holds out to get its own way.

Question 3

Non-programmed decisions address routine problems that arise on a regular basis and for which standard solutions have been derived.

Accommodation may be used when an issue is trivial.

Question 5

An example of the application of the __________ is the team leader who selects a new member not because of any special qualities of the person, but only because the individual comes from a department known to have produced high performers in the past.

Question 6

Which of the following characteristics does NOT correctly describe the conduct of a classic two-party negotiation?


a minimum reservation point is one negotiator s minimum acceptable outcome.

a maximum reservation point is the other negotiator s maximum acceptable outcome.

a key task for any negotiator is to discover the other party s reservation point.

the bargaining zone is the difference between one negotiator s minimum reservation point and the other party s maximum reservation point.

negotiations can proceed effectively when a negative bargaining zone exists

Question 7

The framework developed by Vroom, Yetton, and Jago helps managers choose the best solution to a problem.

Question 8

What is negotiation? What are the two primary goals in the negotiation process? Provide an example of each type of goal. In the context of these goals, when is negotiation effective?

Question 9

The conflict management style of __________involves being cooperative and unassertive. This style is characterized by letting the wishes of others rule, and smoothing over or overlooking differences to maintain harmony.

Question 10

Two persons debating each other aggressively on the merits of two different proposed advertising campaigns is an example of emotional interpersonal conflict.

Answer True

Question 11

Define decision making. What are the five basic steps involved in the rational decision model?

Question 12

When dealing with risk environments, managers may assign __________ through objective statistical procedures or through personal intuition.







Question 13

Bounded rationality is choosing the first alternative that appears to give an acceptable or satisfactory resolution of the problem.

Answer True

Question 14

An example of constituency negotiation occurs when representatives of management and labor negotiate a collective bargaining agreement.

Answer True

Question 15

Behavioral scientists are cautious about applying classical decision theory to many decision situations because they recognize that human beings have __________ that restrict their information-processing capabilities.


sociological limitations

cognitive limitations

subjective limitations

emotional limitations

psychological limitations

Question 16

In the __________ approach to negotiation, participants would ask: How can the resource best be utilized?

Question 17

Lose-lose strategies may result from outright competition or authoritative command where the solution is dictated by an authority figure.

Answer True

Question 18

Jeff Bezos of believes there is a place for both systematic and intuitive decision-making in management.

Answer True

Question 19

All of the following statements relating to escalating commitment are correct EXCEPT:


the tendency to escalate commitments often outweighs the willingness to disengage from them.

decision makers may rationalize negative feedback resulting from an escalated commitment as a temporary condition.

an escalated commitment may result in a decision maker protecting his or her ego by not admitting that the original decision was a mistake.

once it is determined that a chosen course of action is not working, decision makers will re-group and select a different course of action.

decision makers may characterize any negative results from an escalated commitment as a learning experience can be overcome with added future effort.

Question 20

In the context of the stages of conflict, when the antecedent conditions become the basis for substantive or emotional differences between people or groups, the stage of __________ exists.


felt conflict

distinct conflict

manifest conflict

perceived conflict

apparent conflict

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