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Week 9: Final Project: Analyzing Biopsychological Disorder

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Week 9: Final Project: Analyzing Biopsychological Disorder

You are interviewing for a psychologist position with a top company. After your face-to-face interview with the team, they have provided you with two additional assignments—Part A and Part B below, which will complete the interview process:Review Overview/rubric for full instruction

Part A: A psychologist understands how biology can affect psychological activities and disorders. In your interview, you are asked about your understanding of the causes and treatment(s) of schizophrenia. In your reply, discuss the following:

· · Areas of the brain affected

· · Causal factors

· · Associated symptoms

· · The neural basis

· · Appropriate drug therapies

Part B: Part B of the interview consists of interpreting some case studies from a biopsychologist’s perspective. You are given four different case studies of disorders and have the option of choosing two out of the four case studies to analyze.

Writea 1,750- to 2,100-word paper in APA format containing the following:

· · Introduction

· · Part A of the interview process.

· · Part B of the interview process:

· o Choose two of the four case studies presented in Appendix A.

· o Discuss your understanding of the problem presented in each of the two case studies from the perspective of a biopsychologist.

· o Include each problem’s relation to the nature-nurture issue and any relevant portions of theBiopsychologytext.

· o Use a minimum of five outside resources, including at least 3 peer-reviewed articles.

· o Apply any helpful drug interventions or solutions.

· o Discuss the positive or negative aspects of these drug interventions or solutions.

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Tutorial Preview …you xxxx two xxxxxxxxxx assignments—Part A xxx Part…
Analyzing_Psychological_Disorders.docx (34.65 KB)
Preview: serves xx a xxxxxxxx drive towards xxxxxx (Graves, 2000) xxxxxxx The xxxxx xx presumed xx be engaged xx the origin xxx maintenance xx xxxxxxx disorders xxxxxxxxx to genetic xxxxxxxx carried out, xxx psychological xxxxxxxx xxx genetic xxxxxxxxxx (Stein, Hollander xxxxx Rothbaum, 2010) xxx gene xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx individual xx develop a xxxxxxxxx Tom develops x feeling xx xxxxxxx based xx the job xxxxxxxxxx because the xxxx makes xx xx Tom xxxxxxx him to xxxxxxxxx the disorders xxxxxxx the xxxx xxxx he xx satisfied with xxx family positions xx terms xx xxx financial xxx social role xx a father xxx nature xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx an xxxxxxxxxx further contribute xx the development xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx that xxxx high levels xx sensitive temperaments xxx liable xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx disorders The xxxxxxxxxxx characteristic of xxx that xx xxxxxxxxx from xxx genetic components xxxx as neuroticism xxxxxxxxxx an xxxxxxxxxx xx develop x tendency towards xxxxxxxx interpreting environmental xxxx and xxxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx to the xxxx Tom is xxxxxx to xxxx x victim xx the same xxxxxxxxxxxxx the imbalances xx the xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx predisposition an xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to develop xxx anxiety xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx systems xxxxxxxxxxxx and regulates xxx mood and xxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx some xxxxxxxx behavior such xx anxiety The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx gamma-amino xxxxxxx xxxx or xxxx slows down xxx mental activity xxx imbalances xx xxx acid xxxxx one to xxxxxxx mental disorders xxx environmental xxxxxxxxxx xxxx Tom xxxx in the xxxx of responsibility xxxx as xxx xxxx and xxxxxxxx performance in xxx job area xxxxxxx increase xxxxxxx xx Tom xx suffer from xxxxxxx High required xxx performance xxxxxxxx xxx tendency xx the workers xx develop the xxxxxxx disorders xxxxxxxx xxxxx Drug xxxxxxxxxxxxx and solutions xx anorexia and xxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxx xxx anorexia xxxxxxx a serried xx medications and xxxxxxxxxxxxx approaches xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx treatments xxxxxxx cognitive analytic xxxxxxx (CAT) that xx based xx xxx assumption xxxx anorexia nervosa xx caused by xxx unhealthy xxxxxxxx xx thinking xxx behavior in xxx environments that xx individual xxx xxxxxxxxx in xxx past CAT xxxxxxxx the process xx reformation, xxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx patterns leading xx the complication xxx revision xxxx xxxxxxxx identification xx the changes xx break the xxxxxxxxx patterns xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx therapy xxxxx that is xxxxx on how xx react xx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxx that one xxxxxxxxxx It xx xxxxx at xxxxxxxx the thinking xxxxx putting on xxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xx healthier xxx realistic mode xx thinking In xxxxxxxxx Focal xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (FPT) xxxxxxxxx is based xx the assumption xxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx are xxxxxx by the xxxxxxxxxx conflicts in xxx environments xxxxxx xxx early xxxxxxxxx and family xxxxxxxxxxxx (DSM-5 American xxxxxxxxxxx Association, xxxxx xxx medical xxxxxxxxxx involve selection xx serotonin reuptakes xxxxxxxxxx .....
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