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Determining the Quality of Information Worksheet

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Due on: 10/01/2015
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Determining the Quality of Information Worksheet
Purpose: Use this worksheet to locate and evaluate three websites that could contribute to your research question. You will also reflect on the differences you found during your evaluation of these websites. Hover over the blue underlined words to access a definition in the glossary (located at the end of this document). Items with a blue asterisk require completion (*).
Locate and Evaluate Websites
Locate at least three websites that could support your research related to your research question from Week One. Using the CRAAP Test handout, conduct a preliminary evaluation of the websites you have found. Select two websites that effectively meet all of the criteria of the CRAAP test and one website that you found does not meet all criteria. Remember that these websites should be directed toward helping you answer your research question! They may also be appropriate to add to your annotated bibliography in Week Five.
For the three websites you have selected, provide the link (URL) to each in the space provided below. You will be evaluated on the webpage your link connects to, so make very certain that the link you supply brings up the exact page you are evaluating and not the “home page” or another page on the website.
Research Question*:
Website 1*:
Website 2*:
Website 3*:
In the table below, provide a brief description of how each website did or did not meet each criterion of the CRAAP Test. Remember, two of the three websites should meet all of the criteria. Additionally, you will need to refer to the Characteristics and Types of Information Handout introduced in Week One to complete this table.
Criteria Table*
The table will expand as you enter text below each website. Remember to refer to the CRAAP Test handout and the Characteristics and Types of Information Handout as you complete this table.
Criteria Website 1 Website 2 Website 3






Format of information (blog, news source, educational site, etc.)
Is the information factual or analytical?
Is the information Subjective or Objective?
Primary, secondary or tertiary
Quality of information (as it relates to the information need). Does this source provide you with high-quality information?
Usefulness of information (as it relates to the information need) Does this source provide you with information that is useful in answering your queries?

Reflection (200-300 words)

In the spaces below, describe the differences you found between the websites as you conducted your evaluation:

In what areas did the articles differ in how they met or did not meet the criteria? *

How are these differences significant to your research question? *

How did conducting this evaluation help you to see which websites are best to incorporate into your research? *

Once complete, save your completed worksheet and return to the online classroom to submit this document through the “Assignment Submission” button below the assignment instructions.

Glossary: Return to top

Annotated bibliography: A list of citations with descriptions and a brief summary or critical statement about each one. Return

Evaluation: The making of a judgment about the value of something. Return

URL: String of letters and numbers displayed in the top address bar of your web browser. Often ends with .com, .org, .gov, or .net. Return

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