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Two Assignments

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Due on: 10/01/2015
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Appellate Court of Illinois,
First District, Second Division.
Leslie ROSENTHAL, Plaintiff–Appellant,v.BATTERY PARTNERS VI, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership; and Blackstone F 12 Capital Partners (Cayman), L.P.; Blackstone FI Offshore Capital Partners (Cayman), L.P.; Blackstone Family Investment Partnership (Cayman) III, L.P.; Blackstone FI Communications Partners (Cayman), L.P.; Blackstone Family Communications Partnership (Cayman), L.P., Defendants–Appellees.
No. 1–10–0756.
March 31, 2011.
Appeal from the Circuit Court of Cook County. No. 08 L 001044, Allen S. Goldberg, Judge Presiding.

Assignment 1:
Draft/Outline with detailed Discussion/Analysis section (the case above).
Include the legal issue(s), preliminary version of the “rule” or short answer to the extent you have been able to identify it, and a detailed draft of your discussion section.
The discussion section should organize and structure the components of your analysis. For example, you might have a paragraph to describe each applicable statute, a paragraph for cases on point, one or more paragraphs about what the scholarly secondary sources say on your issue, and/or a paragraph about any administrative rules, regulations, codes, or other issues that apply. Use the outline to structure and set out the information that you have reviewed and analyzed in your research.

Assignment 2:
Write a legal memorandum for this case (Fact, Issue(s), Brief answer, Discussion, Analysis and Conclusion.
a) White a background of the case in legal language
b) Identify the Legal Issue in this case
c) Cite the case using THE BLUEBOOK and ALWD Citation Manual.
d) Provide an objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a case, or explores the answer to a carefully worded question about a specific aspect of the law in a particular jurisdiction (State of Illinois).
e) Provide a synthesis and application of the cases and/or statutes that control the question or issue. Remember that the memorandum examines both sides of an issue, it concludes with a prediction as to the outcome.

-Be specific and detailed. .
-City all sources in legal language (in text citation with at least 3 different sources)
-Write a clear conclusion for the case
-APA style format

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Tutorial Preview …(Cayman), x P x Defendants–Appellees No xxxxxxxxxxxxx March 31, xxxx Appeal xxxx xxx Circuit xxxxx of Cook xxxxxx …
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Preview: However, xx examination xx the case xxxxx that the xxxxx facts xxx xxx hold xxxx respect to xxx case The xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx facts xxxxxxxxx that the xxxxxxx did not xxx to xxxx xxx contract xxxxxxx binding because xx the conversation xxxxxxx Sandor, xxxxxx xxx Rosenthal, xxx that it xxx to be xx writing xxx xx to xxxx To start xxxxx the alleged xxxxxxxx required xxxx xxx contents xx in writing xx essence, the xxxxxxx had xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx terms xxxxxxxxx securities ought xx be written xxxx Secondly, xxx xxxx agreement xxx many details xxxxxxxxx complex mathematical xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx xxx LIFFE xxxxxx and warrants xxxx Sandor was xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxx of money xxx alleged contract xxxxxxxx was xxxxxxxxxxxx x 9 x million) Hence, xxx law of xxxxxxxx for xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxx requires that xxxxxxxxx involving such xxxxxxx of xxxxx xx in xxxxxxx (West Group x West Publishing xxxxxxxx American xxx xxxx Company, xxxxxxxx Smith Company, xxxxx In addition, xxx law xx xxxxxxxx requires xxxx the alleged xxxxxxxx required a xxxxxx writing xxx xxx expression xx the inherent xxxxxxxxx However, the xxxx term xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx conversation between xxxxxxx Rosenthal, and xxxxxx pertained xx xxx envisaged xxxxxx of compensation xxxx Sandor and xxxxxxxxx would xxxxxxx xxxxx the xxxxx of the xxxxx transaction Finally, xxx negotiations xxxxxxxx x formal xxxxxxx document was xxxxxxxx after the xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx In xxxx respect, the xxxxxxxx was not xxxxxxx until xx xxx in xxxxxxx Conclusion Evidently, xxx plaintiff-appellant failed xx establish xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxx alleged oral xxxxxxxx against Battery xxx others xx xxxxxxxx the xxxxx of Illinois.....
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