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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary

Question # 00000112
Subject: Health Care / General Health Care
Due on: 07/21/2013
Posted On: 07/19/2013 01:38 PM
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Resource: Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
Grading Criteria

Research mind mapping in the University of Phoenix
Library or on the Internet.

Select a health care career within the managed care
organization, pharmaceutical company, research
organization, college, information technology company,
the health care continuum (hospital, ambulatory, longterm
care), the mental health continuum (diagnostics,
outpatient, inpatient), and so forth.

• Describe selected career.
• Identify two or three services and products within the
selected career.
• Identify the workforce roles within the services and
• Discuss the impact of the roles on the health care

Create a diagram with the career choice as the focal
point and identifying the work roles within one of the
services or product you identify.

Complete a 350- to 700-word summary of your findings
and a diagram.

Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines

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health care careers diagram and summary

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Posted On: 07/19/2013 01:46 PM
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Tutorial Preview …career xxxxxx the xxxxxxx careorganization, pharmaceutical xxxxxxxx researchorganization, college, xxxxxxxxxxx technology xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx care xxxxxxxxx (hospital, ambulatory, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx the mental xxxxxx continuum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…
health_care_careers_diagram_and_summary_(2).docx (28.59 KB)
Preview: provide xxx medication xxxx to the xxxxx type of xxx professionals xx xxxx primary xxxx of a xxxxxx care professional xxxx tend xx xxxxxx the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxx treatment xx the minor xxx the major xxxxxxxx which xxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxx public like x source of xxx prevention xx xxxxxxx and xxxx the promotion xx good health xx the xxxxxxxx xxx pharmacist xxxxxxx the member xx the health xxxx team xx xxx professionals xxx in the xxxxxxxx practice they xxx involved xxxxxxxx xx ensure xxx medical therapy xx optimal for xxx patient xx xxxxxxxx them xxx therapeutic regiment xxxxx is specific xxx the xxxxxxx xxxx also xx the staffing xx the information xxxxx the xxxxx xx as xx assist the xxxxxxxxxxx decision making xxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx within xxx services The xxxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxx is xxx xxxxxxxxx pharmacy xxx the clinical xxxxxxx and is xxxxxxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxxxxx When xxx workforce tries xx understand the xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxx with xxx prescribed type xx the treatment xxxx the xxxx xxxxxx tends xx become healthy xxx also the xxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx tends xx increase When xxx
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