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The most widespread and costly

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Subject: Geology
Due on: 11/01/2015
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1. The most widespread and costly of all mass wasting processes is:

a. Slump b. creep c. mudflows d. rockfalls e. solifluction

2. Which of the following factors can actually enhance slope stability?

a. Increasing the slope angle b. vegetation c. overloading

e. Rock dipping in the same direction as the slope

e. none of the answers is correct.

3. Shear strength includes:

a. the strength and cohesion of materials b. the amount of internal cohesion c. gravity d. all of these e. answers a and b.

4. Movement of material along a surface or surfaces of failure is:

a. slide b. fall c. earthflow s d. debris flow e. none

5. A type of mass wasting common in mountainous regions in which talus accumulates:

a. Creep b. solifluction c. rockfalls d. debris flow

b. e. mudflow

6. What roles do climate and weathering play in mass wasting?

7. How does water affect mass wasting processes?

8. Define ‘angle of repose’ and describe its significance in mass wasting.

9. Why is creep so prevalent? Why does it do so much damage?


referenced sources.

Tags costly widespread wasting slope creep rockfalls cohesion procees debrisflow mountainous solifluction regions accumulates talus enone5 cearthflow fall slide debris flow atype emudflow6 common play prevalent whyis significance does damage sources notereferenced repose

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The most widespread and costly

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Tutorial Preview …c xxxxxxxxx s x debris flow x none 5 x type xx xxxx wasting xxxxxx in mountainous xxxxxxx in which xxxxx accumulates: x xxxxx b xxxxxxxxxxxx c rockfalls x debris flow x e xxxxxxx x What xxxxx do climate xxx weathering play xx mass xxxxxxxx xxxx wasting xx a phenomenon xx which soil, xxxx and xxxxx xxxx down xxx slope as x large chunk xx mass, xxxxx xxx force xx gravity Mass xxxxxxx occur when xxx slope xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xx unable to xxxxxx a…
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Preview: unconsolidated xxxxxxxx When xxx slope angle xxxxxxx steeper than xxxxx the xxxxx xx gravity xxxxxxxxx the force xx friction, thereby xxxxxxxxx in xxxx xxxxxxx Why xx creep so xxxxxxxxxx Why does xx do xx xxxx damage? xxxxx is the xxxxxxxxxx in which xxxxx materials xxxx xxx deform xxxxx the influence xx stress Creep xx so xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx under xxx earth surface, xxx materials undergo xxxx stress xxxx xxx stress xxxxxxx the bearable xxxxxx the material xxxxxxx .....
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