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SCI204 (Environmental Science 204) week 3 lab report

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Exercises Exercise 1. Explain the Biomass Pyramid (in relation to mass and energy usage) using ONE of the following three ecosystems: Eastern Deciduous Forest, Tropical Rain Forest, or Grassland. Draw a food chain, food web, and predict a predator/prey relationship for your particular ecosystem. Exercise 2) This question will focus on an alien species being introduced into an area. Mount Saint Helen's in Washington State erupted in 1980. View the following pictures and animation from NASA and describe the ecological succession that has occurred since the eruption. If an "Icelandic Rabbit" and "European Hedgehog" population were released after this eruption (and ground had cooled), would they survive? WHY or WHY NOT? Use literature to support your predictions. See images from NASA website. Exercise 2. The eruption of Mount St. Helens is infamous for the destruction wrought on the surrounding areas; however it has also given rise to the development of a host of new ecological systems. View the following pictures and animation from NASA: Search the Internet for additional information describing the Mount St. Helens recovery that has occurred since the eruption. List your references! Exercise 3. Musk Oxen are protected in Alaska. The rule of 70 states that if you divide 70 by the annual percentage increase of a population, the population will double in the resulting years. For example, a population increase of 7% per year results in a doubling in 10 years. Suppose the oxen population in Alaska is free of hunters and other predators and is increasing at a rate of 23.33% per year. (Oxen cows sometimes twin but most have single births and are known to be prolific breeders.) If you started with 100 oxen, what would the population be after three years? After six years? Suppose the carrying capacity of the ecosystem was 500 oxen -- what would happen to the Musk Oxen population after the six year period? What might happen if the environment was not free of predators? WHY?

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SCI204 (Environmental Science 204) week 3 lab report

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Preview: primary xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx like plants, xxxx primary consumers xxxx herbivores, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx consumers All xxxxx energy sources xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx OwlsOwlsBirdBirdFoxFoxDeerDeerBugsBugsPrimary xxxxxxxxx   aPrimary xxxxxxxxx   aPrimary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ProducersRodentsRodentsExercise xx xxxx question xxxx focus on xx alien species xxxxx introduced xxxx xx area xxxxx Saint Helen's xx Washington State xxxxxxx in xxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxx pictures and xxxxxxxxx from NASA xxx describe xxx xxxxxxxxxx succession xxxx has occurred xxxxx the eruption xx an xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx Hedgehog" population xxxx released after xxxx eruption xxxx xxxxxx had xxxxxxxx would they xxxxxxxx WHY or xxx NOT? xxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx your predictions xxx images from xxxx website xxxxx xxxxx Helen’s xxxxxxxx on May xxx 1980 caused xxx surrounding xxxxxxxxx xx be xxxxxxxxxxxxx changed The xxxx and ash xxxxxxxx from xxx xxxxxxxx Exercise x  The eruption xx Mount St xxxxxx is xxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxx wrought on xxx surrounding areas; xxxxxxx it xxx xxxx given xxxx to the xxxxxxxxxxx of a xxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxx systems xxxx the following xxxxxxxx and animation xxxx NASA: http://www xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx htm Search xxx Internet for xxxxxxxxxx information describing xxx Mount xx xxxxxx recovery xxxx has occurred xxxxx the eruption xxxx your xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxx Saint on xxx 18, 1980, xxxxx.....
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