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Community, District and School Factors

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Due on: 03/29/2014
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Community, District and School Factors

1. Geographic location, population, stability of community, and community support for education- Berea, Ohio is location

2. District name and grades served, number of schools, number of students, and percentage of student receiving free or reduced lunch- Berea school district. K-12

3. Your school information including the name and grades, number of students, percent of students receiving free or reduced lunch, and the academic achievement ranking/level- Grindestone Elementary is school. It is K-4th grade and there are over 800 students

4. The academic achievement ranking/level could include the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and school improvement status- Excellent

Classroom Factors

1. The demographic data of the students in your class, e.g., enrollment, ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic information- 20 students 18 white and 2 black. 12 female and 8 males.

2. Knowing classroom demographic information is helpful in developing instruction and classroom management/engagement plans.

3. Environmental factors such as physical arrangement of the room, classroom resources available, parental involvement, and available/accessible technology- Parents are involved in some ways. There are computers in class and school.

Student Factors

1. Student factors to include number of students that receive outside the class educational resources, number of students whose primary language is not English, number of students on IEPs, number of non-labeled students such as 504 and any other factors that influence the delivery of content in the classroom- None all students receive same resources

Research Connection

1. Use a peer-reviewed or professional journal to expound on a topic within this standard.

2. Write a 3-5 bullet summary of the literature source.

Instructional implications

1. After you have inserted this information to the appropriate sections of the assignment, write the narrative portion of the report (Instructional Implications) and ensure it is no more than 500 words.

1. Summarize the impact of the information compiled above to your success as a teacher candidate by addressing the following:

2. What are the most important points of information that are imperative for a new teacher to know? How will this information impact your teaching and interactions with students, staff, and community? How does this data inform your effectiveness as a teacher?

3. How will the differences and similarities of the students in your classroom impact your daily interactions, instruction, planning, and classroom engagement/management plans?

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Community, District and School Factors

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Preview: white xxx 2 xxxxx are African xxxxxxxxx The gender xxxxxxxxxxx is xx xxxxxx students xxx 8 males x The classroom xxxxxxxxxxx provides xxxx xxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxx considering the xxxxx composition, as xxxx as, xxx xxxxxxxxxxx interests xxx learning styles xxxxxxxxx management engagement xxxxx are xxxx xxxxxxxx considering xxx class needs xx create an xxxxxxxxx learning xxxxxxxxxxx x The xxxxxxxxx is arranged xx ways in xxxxx students xxx xxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx grouping activities xxx move around xx make xxx xx the xxxxxxx resources provided xx the school xxxxx them xxx xxx computers xx the classroom xxxxx provide that xxxxxxxxxx is xxxx xx daily xxxxxxxxxx Parents are xxxxxxxx in classroom xxxxxxxxxx in xxxx xxxx like xxxxx here how xxxx are involved xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xx which xxxx participate Student xxxxxxxx In the xxxxxxxxx there xxx xx students xxxxxxxxx outside the xxxxx educational resources, xxxxx are xx xxxxxxx Language xxxxxxxxx as well xxx students are xxxxxxxx using xxx xxxx resources xx the classroom xxxxxxxx considering the xxxxxx progress xxxxxx xxx the xxxxx composition the xxxxxxxxx study provides xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx a classroom xxxxxxxxxxx that correlates xxxx with xxxx xxxxxxxxx composition xx various schools xxxxxxxxx Shade, Barbara xxxxxx Cynthia xxxxxx xxxx Creating xxxxxxxxxx Responsive Classrooms xxxxxxxxxxx D C x American xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 1997 xxx selected study xxxxxxxxxx are considered xxxxx valid xx xxx realm xx education and xxxx prepare a xxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx relevant xxxxxxxxxxx that can xxxx closing the.....
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