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Analysis of Southwest Airlines Topic Selection and Data Collection Peter D. Rice Grand Canyon University October 29, 2019 Professor Dr. Kuofie Analysis of Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines has become so much loved by Americans among the companies operating in the U.S airline industry since it was started in 1966. The company has strategically focused on a range of commuter benefits, efficient operations and low airfares and these have placed it at the top of the industry (Mouawad, 2010). At the time that several airlines focus on amenities as well as comfort, the company has been a pioneer with a commuter focused business model which seeks to serve individuals who are out for quick, cheap and efficient flights from one place to the next. This paper looks at the strategies that the company has incorporated that make it the best. The company is known to leverage only one type of plan at a time. Most airlines give their customers a range of service as well as flight options apart from having many kinds of planes which help them in meeting their range of options. This kind of arrangement does diversify the offerings of an airline, but it increases the costs of operating and ends up diluting the real message of the company (Mukund, 2017). Southwest Airlines on the other hand is known for using just one kind of plane which is the Boeing 737. This helps them in saving millions in annual maintenance costs as well as operation costs. This eventually makes the company to be able to provide low price solutions to the customers. The company also has a gate-to-gate flight path option. It is one of the airlines in the industry that provides a point-to-point flights arrangement, and this means that majority of the flights are nonstop and go direct to the desired destination of the customer (Mouawad, 2010). This is an exact opposite of other companies that are in the business of focusing on airport hubs. Through this, they pick their customers from out of the way airports and then transport them to some given airport hub and then catching some connecting flight to the destination that they desire. This strategy has enabled the Southwest airline to realize a 78 result on its time performance. This is eight points greater than the average rate in the airline industry. The other strategy that the company employs is the one on simple customer service. Most airlines provide several amenities which include first class, meals during flights and drinks (Mukund, 2017). However, Southwest airlines does not engage in the provision of any of these amenities as it majors on low-cost solutions. The company instead provides single coach cabin which is slightly more spacious than other airlines as it does not have a first-class option. Much as the company provides free snacks as well as a complimentary drink, it does not provide the range of drinks and food that other airlines provide (Mouawad, 2010). This one makes the company to clean and stock their plane quickly and helps them to get quickly for the next service. The other strategy is that the company does not have any hidden fees. The airline industry is known for rising of costs and low profitability. To control this, many of the companies have reduced their perks and increased their fees which include bag fees for checked bags (Mouawad, 2010). Instead of passing their costs to their customers, the Southwest Airlines Company has maintained costs low with the right fuel management, minimal ticket price plans as well as other solutions. In conclusion, the many strategies that the company has adopted has made it be at the top of the airline industry as compared to its competitors. Among the strategies are use of one type of plan at any given time, omission of any hidden fees, offering of simple customer service and provision of a gate-to-gate flight path option. These strategies when put together have enabled the company to do really well. Topic and Rationale The topic under study is leadership in the business organization. As such, leaders play a crucial role in ensuring that there is a success in the organization. This is undertaken in the virtue that leaders will always ensure that there are minimal cases of conflicts and there is an understanding amongst the employees in the organization. Additionally, Crosby (2016) opines that there is an interrelationship between the amount of revenue collected by an organization and the performance of the leader. In account to this, there is need for the analysis of the impact of leadership on the success of an organization in increasing the amount of revenue. Data Collection and Instruments The method of data collection that will be applied in the collection of data on the relationship between the performance of a leader and the amount of revenue collected will be the survey method. This is because survey will allow us to gather a large amount of data and hence helps in the provision of a large perspective. This reduces the accuracy of the conclusion that will be made. The other advantage of using the survey as a method of data collection is that they are cheaper during the administration process. Furthermore, information is standardized in the survey method and the privacy of the participants is maintained. On the other hand, the questionnaires will be the instrument used in conducting the survey. In this consideration, the questionnaires will be easily administered by the individuals collecting data and time is not wasted. The answers to the questionnaires can be provided in terms of figures and calculations or by the use of other methods such as having open-ended questions for the qualitative data that will be useful for the analysis. References Crosby, L. G. (2016). Developing sustainable leadership strategies to increase corporate revenue (Doctoral dissertation, Walden University). Mouawad, J. (2010). Pushing 40, Southwest Is Still Playing the Rebel. Retrieved from http// Mukund, S. (2017). Southwest Airlines Operations A Strategic Perspective. Retrieved from HYPERLINK http// http// Analysis of Southwest Airlines PAGE MERGEFORMAT 2 Analysis of Southwest Airlines Y, z1MDi siLaI/N, IQ XwB z9JrJ3Ax FU9i3Q/B)LRPx)04N O agYeHjkblChPWalfpX OAXlXVZbr CcBs [email protected] ,ot eU3gpsq530BUMZ4Ube9i5j ,zE5714g1nsBW [email protected],bhWjKm68.wB.GtO 6Q

Week 3 Homework

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Administer the data collection tool you created in the Topic 2 assignment. Using the data you collect, create an Excel table and complete the items below.

  1. Create two frequency tables based on two separate questions from your survey.
  2. Create a bar graph and a pie chart based on the data in the frequency tables.
  3. Determine the class intervals and create frequency distribution for each of the frequency tables.
  4. Create one frequency polygon of the data from the frequency distribution.

Create an individual Excel document for each of the required items.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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