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Response Essay 4Disparities in the Juvenile Justice SystemObjective: The purpose of this essay is for you to think critically about how the operation of the juvenile justice system may differ based on the race, ethnicity, and or class of the juvenile.The Questions: Based on your reading of Agnew’s chapter 22 and the Smith et al. article, why do you think race, ethnic, and class disparities exist in the juvenile justice system? Be sure to support your answer with information from the readings and class presentations. What steps would you recommend for reducing discrimination by the juvenile justice system?Other advice:I expect well-constructed and thorough essays. It should be clear to me that you read both Chapter 22 and the Smith et al. article. Please be sure to follow all written work directions as posted on Blackboard.There is no page requirement, but at a minimum I would expect 3 pages.When uploading, please attach you file as a Word or PDF document. Do not type your essay directly into the contents box.Grading for Essays:A+ (20 pts.) = Meets requirements for an A and demonstrates unusually sophisticated understanding and insight.A (18 pts.) = Main ideas from the article are described correctly, and the discussion is accurate, appropriate, and thoroughly explained and illustrated.B (16 pts.) = Basic understanding of the material shown through an accurate description and appropriate discussionC (14 pts.) = Some appropriate discussion, but limited understanding of the material exhibited (i.e., inaccurate description of point and/or inappropriate discussion).D (12 pts.) = Limited summary of the article and/or limited discussion. F (10 pts. or fewer) = Either no summary of the article or no discussion is evident. Failed to meet requirements of assignment.


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Response Essay 4 Sociology Juvenile Justice System follow attachments for instructions

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follow instructions in attachment. read chapter 22 and the smith article to answer two main questions in the second attachment. due by tommorrow(Tuesday) morning at 730 am or earlier if at all possible. title/cover page and reference page are NOT needed. just follow instructions. 3 pages double spaced answering the two main questions. if you cite, use only a few quotations. paper should be clear that you have read both the chapter and the smith article. i have taken pictures of chapter 22 from Juvenile Delinquency by Agnew and it is included in the response essay attachment!