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Q1. Ethical issues can be challenging because:    a. there are no standards of right and wrong.    b. security is more important than privacy.    c. all countries agree on what is ethical.    d. what is considered ethical by one person may seem unethical to another.Q2. A negative ethical impact of mobile marketing efforts is that they can be __________.    a. invasive    b. expensive    c. innovative    d. pervasiveQ3. Which of the following is a characteristic of competitive advantage?    a. It is a long lasting edge over competitors if based on IT.    b. It is short-lived if competitors quickly duplicate it.    c. It requires the use of social media and networks.    d. It always provides a big strategic payoff.Q4. Managers decide to increase the number of new accounts by 4.0% within the next quarter. This is an example of:    a. an objective.    b. a strategy.    c. customer loyalty.    d. qualitative metric.Q5. __________ is a series of processes in which an organization selects and arranges its businesses or services to keep the organization viable even when unexpected events disrupt its businesses, markets, products, or services.    a. Strategic planning    b. SWOT    c. Value proposition    d. Threat analysisQ6. Basic functions of an IS are:    a. input, processing, and output.    b. input, processing, output, and feedback.    c. user interfaces, data sources, processing, and reporting.    d. hardware, software, data, and procedures.Q7. How a company generates revenue from its assets is referred to as its __________.    a. asset infrastructure    b. business model    c. corporate culture    d. organizational structureQ8. To improve the performance and ability to store, protect, and manage data at lower up-front costs, companies are turning to __________ options.    a. cloud computing    b. mainframe    c. visualization    d. data centerQ9. Sales of fresh produce drop during an E. coli food contamination crisis. What type of reports would be generated in this unique situation?    a. Periodic    b. Exception    c. Ad hoc    d. FunctionalQ10. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing in which shared resources, such as hard drives and software apps, are provided to computers and other devices __________, like a public utility.    a. in batch    b. via mobile networks    c. on-demand    d. via SaaSQ11. RFID is a technology that uses __________ instead of __________ to identify products or pallets.    a. electronic tags; bar codes    b. electronic tags; chips    c. bar codes; PINs    d. PINs; EPC tagsQ12. Victims of identity theft face enormous challenges and frustration because:    a. data errors detected later are difficult to correct.    b. data processing does not improve data quality.    c. data processing is done in real-time.    d. data processing cannot detect obvious data errors.Q13. If a customer sets up an account with to purchase from their Web site, the __________ will validate that the address, city, and postal code are consistent and valid in order to improve __________.    a. OLTP; data storage    b. OLTP: data visibility    c. TPS; data quality    d. TPS; data transferQ14. A __________ is a visual presentation of critical data, such as the results of a report or analysis, to more quickly understand data.    a. dashboard    b. GUI    c. touch screen    d. KPIQ15. The high costs of data warehouses can make them too expensive for a company to implement. As an alternative, many firms create lower-cost, scaled-down __________.    a. data marts    b. data stores    c. multidimensional databases    d. SBUsQ16. Creating backups of records is not a form of electronic records management (ERM) because:    a. the content on backups is not organized so that it can be accurately and easily retrieved.    b. business records and documents may need to be modified.    c. records and documents cannot be stored together.    d. the requirement to save records is new.Q17. Companies implement __________ systems to retain and archive their business records that are not needed for current operations or decisions, but that must be accessible for legal or auditing obligations.    a. electronic records management    b. database management    c. archive management    d. infrastructure managementQ18. An extremely economical and effective method of delivering data from a data warehouse to decision makers throughout the enterprise is via __________.    a. data marts    b. data cubes    c. an intranet    d. operational data storesQ19. In the healthcare industry, data errors __________.    a. increase healthcare costs by billions of dollars    b. have minimized healthcare costs    c. have no impact on patient care    d. have been eliminated by the use of data warehousingQ20. Records can be arranged in several ways on a storage medium. The arrangement of records determines:    a. how individual records can be accessed.    b. how long it takes to access records.    c. how individual records can be accessed and how long it takes to access them.    d. the storage media used for storage.Q21. __________ transmits voice and data in packets and has become one of the most cost effective ways to communicate.    a. TCP    b. UDP    c. VoIP    d. UMQ22. What is significant about 4G networks is that they do not have a __________, which both 2G and 3G networks do have.    a. packet-switched IP system    b. circuit-switched subsystem    c. WiMAX standard    d. GSM-based LTE subsystemQ23. Which of the following is a dysfunction of the group process?    a. Social pressures of conformity can lead to groupthink.    b. A group may produce synergy during problem solving.    c. Group members may have their egos embedded in the decision, and so they may be committed to the solution.    d. Groups are better than individuals at understanding problems.Q24. Connectivity and mobility are __________ issues.    a. 4G    b. network    c. Wi-Fi    d. social mediaQ25. __________ are networks that are capable of transmitting data at very fast rates, but operate in a limited area, such as an office building, campus, or home.    a. MANs    b. Hot spots    c. LANs    d. WANsQ26. __________ shows the power of the individual in the connected age a better research tool than major corporations had in the 1990s.    a. Facebook    b. Google    c. Microsoft    d. eBayQ27. A fiduciary responsibility is both a legal and an ethical obligation.    a. True    b. FalseQ28. Crime can be divided into two categories depending on the tactics used to carry out the crime. What are those two categories?    a. personal and non-personal    b. felonies and misdemeanors    c. insider and outsider    d. violent and nonviolentQ29. A(n) __________ is something or someone that may result in harm to an asset.    a. threat    b. risk    c. vulnerability    d. exploitQ30. __________, such as AirSnort and WEPcrack, are readily available tools that can be used to gain unauthorized access to networks putting them at great risk.    a. Wireless packet analyzers    b. Password crackers    c. Firewall sniffers    d. Intrusion detectorsQ31. The major objective of __________ is proof of identity to identify the legitimate user and determine the action he or she is allowed to perform.    a. authorization    b. authentication    c. endpoint security    d. information assuranceQ32. A(n) __________ is the probability of a threat exploiting a vulnerability.    a. threat    b. risk    c. vulnerability    d. exploitQ33. American Express developed tools that improved compliance with procurement rules on indirect purchases, or MRO supplies. One of the major performance improvements was the __________.    a. increase in spot buying    b. elimination of maverick buying    c. reduction in billing errors    d. increase in purchases from local vendorsQ34. __________ refers to word-of-mouth marketing in which customers promote a product or service by telling others about it.    a. Affiliate marketing    b. Customizing ads    c. Sourcing    d. Viral marketingQ35. One of the problems with __________ advertising is that advertisers knew very little about the recipients.    a. direct mail    b. Web    c. interactive    d. social mediaQ36. __________ are e-marketplaces that serve one industry, e.g., automotive, chemical, along the entire supply chain.    a. Vertical exchanges    b. Supply hubs    c. Horizontal exchanges    d. Collaboration hubsQ37. E-procurement strategies and solutions have two basic goals, which are _____.    a. to control costs and simplify processes    b. collaboration and negotiation    c. supplier selection and product selection    d. RFQ processing and exchangesQ38. Online channels and connectivity support __________, which minimizes the limitations of having to be physically present in a single location to collaborate or train.    a. the e-business process    b. telepresence    c. community    d. self-serviceQ39. A __________ device allows improved response with reduced resources, real-time tracking of work orders, increased dispatcher efficiency, and a reduction in administrative work.    a. mobile POS    b. inventory management    c. job dispatching    d. SCMQ40. Writing apps for handheld devices, such as smartphones, is __________.    a. easy because only a few lines of code are needed    b. easy because the devices have limited features    c. difficult because of many different models and OSs    d. about the same as writing apps for computers.Q41. The __________ is expected to emerge as the predominant market for mobile banking services done via cell phones or other mobile device.    a. Asia-Pacific region    b. European Union (EU)    c. United States (US)    d. United Kingdom (UK)Q42. Which is not one of the three dominant PC operating systems (OSs)?    a. Apple    b. Java    c. Linux    d. Microsoft WindowsQ43. The underlying technologies needed for location-based commerce and services are __________ and __________.    a. GPS; GIS    b. TPS; laptops    c. portals; servers    d. social networks; sensorsQ44. How can handheld mobile computing devices and technology significantly improve performance in the healthcare system?    a. Make it easier and faster to get prescriptions    b. Reduce the preventable errors made by healthcare providers    c. Reduce the need for emergency medical careQ45. __________, such as Facebook, represent a special type of virtual community and are now the dominant form of online community. Individual users maintain an identity through their profile, for e.    a. Social graphs    b. RSS    c. Mashups    d. Social networking sitesQ46. Web 2.0 is also referred to as the __________.    a. public Internet    b. online community    c. Blog 2.0    d. social WebQ47. Most large and medium sized companies utilize an Intranet based on __________ technology for internal collaboration and communication, which gives them control of the content.    a. Web 1.0    b. Web 2.0    c. social tagging    d. wikisQ48. The __________ allows programmers and users to make reference to real-world objects, such as people or chemicals, without concern for the underlying documents in which these things are described.    a. Application Programming Interface (API)    b. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)    c. RDF Query Language    d. Semantic WebQ49. Which is not a social media survey metric?    a. time spent on site    b. satisfaction    c. content relevance    d. quality and speed of issue resolutionQ50. WedMD is one of the popular __________, which are communities organized by interest, such as hobbies, vocations, political parties, and unions.    a. affinity portals    b. associations    c. ethnic communities    d. B2B online communities


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