you are the managerial accountant are asked by the CEO

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the expenses that will be included : direct labor, direct materials, utilities depreciation, maintenance, insurance on the equipment, rent on the plant, administrative salaries, rent for the office. In a memo format explain to Mr. Smith and the president what will be included in product costing.1. Explain what is involved in a product costing system. 2. Explain why Wilson West manufacturing needs to have a product costing system.3. Allocate the above expenses, Varaible cost: The unit rate is $0.25 and the actual hours are used for manufacturing are 15,000. 4. Mixed cost : The unit rate is $0.25 actural hours are 10,000 and a fixed cost is $5,000 per month. 5. Total Cost : Use your calculations from above. 6. Explain this to Mr. Smith who will prepare these calculations on a monthly basis.
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