you are planning to expand your fast food hambuger

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Part I : What are some of the considerations to keep in mind concering the values that the different cultures have on food eating, the social behaviors to be sensitive to regarding employees and customers, the training required, the work attitudes and any ethical standards that you would like to impart? Are the attitudes in the countries individualistic or collective?

Part II :If you were to send your top manger to these countries what type of cultural shock should they expect? How would you help them alleviate this stress?

Part III: In many countries "expeditors" can help you cut through layers of bureaucracy so that you can get your business done or done faster. Expeditors are normally paid for what they do and they ask you to help finance others that will move your business request through the system faster. The methods that are being used could ultimately be illegal or maybe not. 1.) If your mangers needed to be asked would you seek out an expeditor if the methods in the United States are perceived as illegal but acceptable in the country they are trying to open the franchise in? 2.) What business ethics are involved in this decision?

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