Word study of the Old Testament Book of Amos

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Word study of the Old Testament Book of Amos

Based upon the Old Testament book of Amos 5:18, 24, and 25 please address the following:

1. Word study on the passages listed.

2. What is the rhetorical situation?

3. Who is author/speaker and does he establish personal credibility, is knowledgeable, and reputation convey a certain authority.

4. What is his intention in speaking to the people?

- to attack or defend, dissuade from certain actions, praise or blame, to teach, to delight, or to persuade.

5.Who make up the audience, the intended audience, what values does the audience hold that Amos appeals to?

6. What is the content of the message, main idea, what topics of intervention are used, does Amos appeal to reason or emotion.

7. What is the form in which it is conveyed., what is the structure of the communication, how is it arranged.What is the oral or literary genre is it following,

8. How does form and content correspond?

9. Does the message/speech text succeed in fulfilling the author's or speaker's intentions?

10. What does the nature of the communication reveal about the culture that produced it?

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