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This point is to some degree mistaking and entangled for me to really comprehend and submit assignments that must be submitted on the closest day. Additionally, my test is drawing nearer. Since my test is close and I need to get ready for different subjects. It would be exceptionally useful for me on the off chance that you could give me an answer to the theme. 

Each student will create a detailed, organized, unified technical solution given the scenario described below. The submission will be in a written format, with at least one diagram, and may include additional diagrams, charts or tables. The assignment is meant for students to enhance their mastery of the material and to provide a creative and realistic way in which to apply knowledge from this course. Scenario Worldwide Advertising, Inchas hired you as an IT consultant for implementing their Windows network infrastructure. WAI is a new advertising firm, and they are currently hiring staff, establishing two locations, and have a need to get their internal IT services configured. They do not yet have an IT staff, but when they do, the IT staff will take over all aspects of IT administration. You are required to supply WAI with a solution that describes the implementation and configuration of their core IT services. Cost is not a significant concern – WAI wishes to implement the “right” solution to fit their needs now and for the next 2-3 years See attachment.

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