Whole Foods Market in 2008: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy

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Case Study Assignment 1

The case study assignment for module 1 draws on the following textbook case:

Case 1: “Whole Foods Market in 2008: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy,” by Arthur A. Thompson, C6–C42. Read case 1 in the textbook, and then respond to the case questions given below. (See “A Guide to Case Analysis” for further guidance on written case analysis.)

In addition to using the Whole Foods case study provided in the textbook, research the company further to find any relevant events that have transpired since the writing of the case study. Use the company’s Web site, Internet search engines such as Google, online data services, or other sources to locate the latest articles about the company including press releases and current financial information. Be sure to cite all sources according to APA guidelines (see also Appendix: A Note about

Documentation). Please limit your analysis to four pages, double-spaced.

Case Questions

1. Does the company’s strategy reflect the company’s mission? Explain.

2. What is Whole Food’s business model?

3. Analyzing the financial results in Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2, give an assessment of how well the company is executing its strategy? How has the company’s stock price performed over the past four quarters?

4. What is your evaluation of the performance and role of Mr. John Mackey, CEO and founder of the company?

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