Week 3 Assignment - What is the change that they are making in the world

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Week 3 Assignment

Choose specific leaders to profile that you admire. Choose a leader from a private for-profit organization, one from the government, and one from a non-profit organization.

  1. What is the change that they are making in the world?
  2. Why has she or he earned your admiration?
  3. As a leader, what are his or her strengths and values?
  4. How does each of them provide stability and inspiration?
  5. What are his or her strategies to build teamwork?

Afterward, define what your mission or vision is for your own leadership plan. Respond to the following questions using your research on leadership development:

  • How are you going to achieve your leadership goals and mission?
  • How can you capitalize on your strengths to build trust and teamwork in your organization?
  • What professional development would you explore to help improve your leadership skills and why (strategize to implement your plan)?

Create a plan for yourself to build trust, provide stability, create hope, and foster teamwork. Refer specifically to the literature you have read thus far. Include timelines for executing your vision or mission.

Mechanics: This assignment is to be submitted as an academic essay with appropriate references and in-text citations. Give your paper a title, a brief introduction, and a conclusion. Adhere to APA style for all references and citations. Limit it to 1,500-2,000 words (4-6 pages) typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1" margins. Use the spell check and grammar check tools in Word or consult the Writing Center for editing help. This assignment is worth 15% of the course grade.

Information on the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide can be found in the APA style guide located in the CLU library or on the APA Style website. Additional tools are available through the student resources module. 

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