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SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 8 Assignment

Connecting Knowledge and Research

In order to provide the appropriate intervention, social workers first need to have conducted a thorough assessment. Having a comprehensive understanding of a client and their social environment, including the influence of racism and ethnocentrism, allows a social worker to accurately identify the presenting problems and help the client develop goals to address their needs. Not completing a full assessment may result in inaccurately identifying the presenting problem and pushing goals on the client to which they do not agree. A good assessment is the best foundation for treatment planning.

In addition, evidence based practice requires social workers to use the best available evidence to inform their practice decisions. This assignment helps you prepare for the final project by beginning to identify the presenting problem and possible goals, as well as beginning the research process to inform your treatment recommendations when working with the identified client in a case study.

To prepare: Conduct research in the Walden library to locate at least 1 peer-reviewed scholarly resource(s) that could inform your assessment or intervention with the case you plan to use in your final project.


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