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NURS6700/NURS8310 Epidemiology & Population Health

Week 8 Assignment 

Developing an Intervention and Determining the Impact

Sections 3 and 4 of Major Assessment 7: Using an Epidemiological Approach to Critically Analyze a Population Health Problem

Measures of effect are especially important for quantifying health problems. As a DNP-prepared nurse engaged in advanced practice, understanding how to interpret the statistical data in research studies enables you to better present your own findings as well as to determine appropriate interventions based on the data.

This week, you will begin Assignment 3, Sections 3 and 4 of the Major Assessment 7 paper. For Section 3, you will outline an intervention for your population to address the health problem based on the research literature. As you review the literature, it is essential to critically evaluate each study, including the statistical analysis and outcomes. To further enhance your analysis, select a causal model that applies to your selected population health problem, and consider it in terms of measurement of effect. Utilize this model as you continue to evaluate the literature that supports your proposed intervention (Section 3 of your paper).

Review the Major Assessment Overview. Then, begin developing Section 3 and Section 4, which are due by Day 7 of Week 8:

Section 3: The Intervention

An outline of an intervention you would implement to address the population health problem with your selected population based on the results of the study in Section 2 (Note: If you selected a descriptive study design, you are still required to outline an intervention that might be developed based on future research.)

A review of the literature that supports this intervention

Section 4: The Impact

An explanation of the health outcome you would be seeking and the social impact of solving this issue

You do not need to submit anything this week. Assignment 3 is due by Day 7 of Week 8.

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NURS6700 Week 8 AssignmentNURS8310 Week 8 Assignment
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