Wage Differentials between Men and Women in the Same Job

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The final paper should be double-spaced with a 12-point Times New Roman font. The completed paper should contain a minimum of five pages (with one inch margins on all four sides) and have a minimum of 6 reliable references including books (no textbooks) major newspapers, magazines, or journals. Quoting or paraphrasing web page content from no more than two websites is allowed as long as both are either government (.gov) or academic (.edu) (.org) websites. You can have an unlimited number of online newspaper or magazine sources, given that such magazines and newspapers are also published in print. There is a distinction between using online newspapers or magazines versus quoting or paraphrasing information from a professionally developed website, such as one maintained by a professor or a government agency. While you can use several online newspapers or magazines, you can only quote or paraphrase content from web pages contained in two professionally developed websites. Limit quotations to no more than one brief quote per page. If direct quotes are used, appropriate footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical citations should accompany the quotes. In addition to the content pages, a title page at the beginning of the paper should contain the title of your paper, the term and year. Text should begin on the next page. Your paper should have a one-inch margin bordering your text on all four sides. Give an APA reference at the end of the paper for each of your sources. If using an online source of any kind, provide a hot link at the end of your paper so that I can go directly to the source material you utilized. Term papers must be at least five double spaced text pages in length (not counting graphics) and use 12 point Times New Roman Font, with one inch margins on all four sides. Make in-text references and include an APA style reference list with at least 6 references at the end of your paper. You must have a minimum of 5 pages of narrative text, not counting title page, contents pages, sources page or graphs. Choose One of These Topics Wage Differentials Between Men and Women in the Same Job The Full Economic Impact of an Increase in the Minimum Wage Income Inequality and Mobility in the United States Government Policies that Helped and Hindered Recovery from the Great Depression Good Government Policy on International Trade

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