Unit II Presentation Assignment

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Unit II Presentation Assignment

This assignment allows for you to submit either a Word document or a PowerPoint file, as you see fit. There is no

minimum or maximum word count (for assignments submitted via Word document) or a minimum or maximum slide count

(for assignments submitted via PowerPoint). However, you are required to use APA format if any references are cited.

You are a high-level manager of a large organization with a diverse workforce population. Some of your competitor

companies have recently been in the news for gender discrimination lawsuits, so your company has been working to

implement diversity training programs in order to avoid such situations.

You have been asked to present information to other managers regarding the experiences of women in the workplace.

You can convey this information in the best format that you see fit: memorandum, e-mail, PowerPoint presentation,

paper, etc. Make sure to include the following:

? The complexities of women’s experiences in the workplace

? How women’s workplace experiences differ from men’s

? Why women often choose to leave their careers and how they face a variety of obstacles when

attempting to reenter the workplace

? How women can keep their ambition to work alive and how some companies help by developing networks

? The concept of gender discrimination and how to prevent it

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