Unit 7 Discussion- Revision and Writing Advice

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You should be in the middle of revising your essay to hand in at the end of this unit. The idea behind revision is to create a polished piece of work. All writers have to revise their work at some point, and most writers have developed their own method for revision. "'My Pencils Outlast Their Erasers': Great Writers on the Art of Revision" is an article inThe Atlantic that features quotes from famous writers on revision.

For your initial post-

  • Describe in one paragraph which quote resonated with you the most. How does the quote reflect your own revision process? Make sure to include proper citations with a corresponding reference for any direct quote.
  • In a second paragraph, consider what you plan to revise within your own essay. What do you think you need to revise in your essay? Why do you need to revise it? What is your plan for that revision?

For your two response posts, please answer the following-

  • What was your reaction to the quote your classmate selected from the article?
  • What advice would you give your classmate as he or she works on the essay revision?
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