Unit 2: Monetary Drivers of Globalization - Discussion

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Drivers of Globalization in Practice: Global Business Needs

When considering a country to enter with respect to global trade, business leaders must determine if the particular country under consideration has a sufficiently acceptable environment in which to operate. Based on your Readings and Learning Activities, consider Katjes Fassin Group, a German candy company headquartered in Emmerich, Germany. It is a growing candy company with 2013 sales of $445 million, 1,200 employees, and six manufacturing plants. Recently, its top management has been considering several possible expansion locations and the former Soviet state of Latvia is one contender. Based on your Reading and Learning Activities, discuss the following:

  • What would Katjes Fassin’s top management want to know about the business environment in Latvia before reaching an expansion decision, and why?

  • NEED BY 11:00 PM MArch 12th, 2016

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