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To get started on your investigation for an online presence and an e-commerce site you need to research what others have done before you. The goals of such sites are to increase revenue and expand the business's customer base.

Store-front Web sites make money like many traditional business by selling products or services for a pre determined price that will generate a profit above their cost; however you have to decide if this would be the right approach for a business to enter into.

1.) Research the web and select at least 2 companies that use at least 2 different business models. Document your findings on how they may have a technological advantage over their competitors.

2.) Select 1 of the reviewed web site types and explain why it would be an ideal selected?

3.) What other types of companies do you think would be the most profitable using that site type?

4.) Would the concept of dynamic pricing be applicable to the model that you selected? Explain Why or why not.

Compose your findings into a document of 850-1,100 words and be sure to cite your sources. References......

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