The stability of any object is a description of the way it

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The stability of any object is a description of the way it ________. a. sits b. moves c. reacts to good news d. reacts to bad news e. reacts to being disturbed The dry adiabatic lapse rate is the rate at which the temperature of ______ changes with height a. a heated parcel of air b. The atmosphere c. a cooled parcel of air d. an isolation parcel (no external heating or cooling) e. The average atmosphere The primary reason that summers are warmer than winter in the mid-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere is that _____. a. The sun is higher in the sky so mid-latitudes receive more direct solar radiation b. there are more hours of daylight during the summer c. The earth is closest to the sun in July d. All of the above are correct e. only a and b are correct One morning you notice patches of frost on the grass, yet the official low temperature recorded in a nearby Stevenson screen was 36°F. The most likely explanation for this apparent discrepancy is that a. The thermometer is inaccurate b. The observer made a mistake c. pollution in the air cost frost to form at a higher temperature d. The thermometer measures air temperature several feet above the ground With clear and calm conditions, the air next to the ground is usually _____ the air above during the night, and _____ the air above during the day. a. colder than, warmer than b. colder than, colder than c. warmer than, colder than d. warmer than, warmer than e. The same temperature as, the same temperature as If an object absorbs more energy than it emits ( and everything else remains constant), the objects temperature _____. a. remains constant b. increases c. decreases d. varies randomly
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