The Relevance & Development of the US Supreme Court

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The Relevance & Development of the US Supreme Court
Questions for the essay, at least 500 words. 

Pick a piece of legislation that has become law and write a brief legislative history, including an outline of the steps it took in becoming law and a discussion of support for, opposition to, and influences on its passage. Compare it with the model of how a bill becomes a law according to the textbook.

Briefly describe the War Powers Resolution act in your own words. Discuss what other war powers exist for the executive and legislative branches. Does it seem such power struggles would be more common in foreign or in domestic policy areas?

The Constitution is rather vague about the make-up, size, and responsibility of the Supreme Court. How has the Supreme Court evolved over its history? What do you think the Court's role will be in the future?

Examine the historical development of the bureaucracy, emphasizing how it has grown over time. Relate your findings to the changing nature of federalism over time.

Many people feel that the American government is out of touch with its public. Look at the branches of government and analyze this statement.

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