The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you

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The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you and the children to move beyond the basic, classic self-expressive experiences, such as standard easel painting or block play, and to present some variation of a self-expressive activity that is appropriate and interesting for young children. This will provide variety for them as well as furnishing you with an opportunity to try out your own inspiration.

Remember that self-expression occurs in play as well as with "art" materials, so the activity could be any of the following: blocks, carpentry, easel painting (with variations from the standard form), creative dramatic play, dance, or a multitude of additional possibilities, providing these lend themselves to free-form experiences, not copying models or making things according to an adult-determined plan. Do your best to keep it a "Column One, Maximum Creative Potential” activity if using self-expressive materials. Also, avoid spending a lot of money on extra things. It's far better to have plenty of whatever you offer than a small, costly dab of something you could never afford to use when you are teaching professionally.

1. Briefly describe the project.

2. Describe two (2) ways the project allows the children to express themselves.

3. List the other four (4) selves (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical) and explain how this project benefited those selves.

4. List four (4) things you would say or do that are intended to make the project creative for the children.

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