The personal writing assessment should be about 600 words

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Instructions: The personal writing assessment should be about 600 words. Format this MLA style. Correct grammar, paragraphing (paragraphs should be even and full), detail, and focus (don't shift focus mid paragraph).

In the first part, give a complete picture of how you go about writing. Describe the process you normally go through, using examples from recent writing experiences.

Mechanical procedures: When and where do you like to do your writing? (In my bedroom at my desk where it is quiet, I have three kids)

Do you compose your drafts by hand, by typewriter, or by word processor? (Laptop)

Subsequent drafts? Do you single-space or double-space your early drafts? (I do not discriminate against either I have no set way)

do you compose directly at the terminal or do you write out a draft and then type it in? (I use Microsoft word first)

Do you revise at the terminal or make changes on hard copy? (Both, depending when I find the mistake)

Mental procedures: Do you procrastinate when you need to write? (depends on my work load and family life)

Do you write a paper the night before it is due or spread your writing time out over several days? ( I spread load)

Do you normally do exploratory writing such as freewriting and idea mapping? ( no preference)

Do you organize your ideas before drafting or draft first and then organize?( depends on my day)

How many drafts do you typically make? (as many as I need I really never counted)

Writing preferences: Do you like to write?( NO)

Least like to do?(I dislike scripted writing)

Do you like to choose your own topics or have the teacher choose topics for you? (Own)

Do you like open-ended assignments or assignments with clear guidelines and constraints? (Clear guidelines)

How much time are you willing to put into a paper? (as needed for me to be happy)

In the second part of your assessment, analyze your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Address questions such as these:

Strengths and weaknesses in final products: What have you been praised for or criticized for in the past as a writer? ( I suck at structuring im at times all over the place)

How consistent are you in coming up with good ideas for your papers? (I like controversial ideas thy which gets me mixed reviews)

In general, do you have trouble organizing your papers or is organization strength? (You decide)

Are your sentences usually clear and grammatically correct? (Depends on how emotional my subject is to me)

Do you have trouble with punctuation? (Yes) Are you a good speller? (Not without my laptop)

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