The Lifespan Parenting Project

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Lifespan Parenting Project (30 points)
The Lifespan Parenting Project (LPS has 3 parts, each 10 points for a total of
30 points.
Part 1 utilizes chapters 2,4,5 of the e-text. Due 6/5 •

• Requirements and grading for each part are as follows: (10 points)
Title Page: The title page for each part should minimally include the following:
your name, course title/section, , and the 2 topics you have chosen to
research, each from a separate chapter. Failure to include a title page will
result in a 1-point deduction.
Articles: For each part of the LPS, you are to select 2 articles on topics from 2
of the assigned chapters that you would like to further research, and post
each article in its entirety (not simply the URL). After each article, you should
include the following:
Summary of the main points in the article and how it expands the information
in the text (2 points)
Posting of selected picture/ graphic from any source (including personal
pictures) to illustrate the topic and explain why chosen (1 point)
Posting of a relevant supporting website with title and brief summary (1
Selection of 1 topic within these chapters that you believe needs further
research, and explain why (1 point)
Each article segment (including all of the above) is worth 5 points, for a total
of 10 points for each LPS part.
Repeat the same process for parts 2 and 3, with new title pages to specify the
chosen topics.
Chapter 2
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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