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The Johnson Corporation's lead accountant shows the following info:
On Jan 1, 2012, Johnson purchased a bottling machine for $800000
A) Straight-line basis depreciation for 5 years for tax purposes
B) Half year convention for 8 years for financial reporting (See Appendix 11A.)
C) Tax- exempt municipal bonds yielded interest of $150000 in 2013.
D) Pretax financial income is $2300000 in 2012 and $2400000 in 2013.
E) The company recognized an extraordinary gain of $150000 in 2013
(which is fully taxable).
F) Taxable income is expected in future years with an expected tax rate of 35%.

1) Compute taxable income and income taxes payable for 2013.
2) Prepare the journal entries for income tax expense, income taxes payable, and
deferred taxes for 2013.
3) Prepare the deferred income taxes presentation for Dec 31, 2013 balance sheet.
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