The HR department plays a critical role in risk management strategy, education

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The HR department plays a critical role in risk management strategy, education, and mitigation. When a risk situation has arisen within an organization, the HR
department must respond and take action.
Imagine that you have just been hired as an HR manager for a large corporation (fictitious or real). The executive team is worried about potential organizational
risks within the company. They have asked you to create a risk management plan to mitigate organizational risk.
In order to understand the process of how an organization responds to a risk situation, you will need to find two public cases of risk mitigation. In examining the
two public cases, you will pay special attention to the legal, ethical, safety, environmental, cultural, political, and financial factors addressed by both.
Your goal will be to create a compare and contrast assessment of the two cases regarding the aforementioned considerations. The result of the two case
comparisons will allow you to extract best practices while developing a risk management plan for the company you work for.
The risk management plan will showcase your mastery with respect to the following course outcomes:
? Analyze ethical and legal risks of complex human resource issues to ensure legal compliance and to mitigate risk.
? Predict the impact and costs of legal, safety, environmental, and financial risks on stakeholders.
? Analyze societal, cultural, and political factors in order to make well-informed human resource decisions.
? Evaluate the current trends related to workplace health, safety and security for their impact on corporate social responsibility.
? Describe pertinent federal employment laws that are related to ethical challenges facing human resource professionals today.

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