The first step in deciding how to market a

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The first step in deciding how to market a product is to study the competition. Today's vitual marketplace is more competitive than ever.

Your managment team of your selected brand has requested you to prepare a competitive analysis of 1 competitor. Organize your slides into the followin: As you start developing a fix it stratergy for promoting the vital component company create 8 contents slide Power Point with 100-150 wor d slide notes per slide, title introduction and referencesexplaining the following:

Slide 1: An over view of your selected company with is Apple

Slide 2: An over view of (Apples) top competitor

Slide 3: A strength, weakness, opportunites, and threats (SWOT) analysis of your company ( Apple) and competitor that includes the following:

  • A 2x2 table listing at least 2 strength, 2 weakness, 2 opportunitities and 2 threats to the company.

Slide 4: The Product P of the Marketing Mix. A description of one of your company's (Apple's) top products and your competitor's top products.

Slide 5: The Promotional P of the Marketing Mix. An explanation of one virtual promotional method the company uses to communicate its brand in the vitual environment. Add a screen shot of the advertisement or website.

Slide 6: The Placement P of the Marketing Mix. An explanation of where the products are sold. This the Place of the Marketing mix. Place is how the company gets the product into the hands of thecustomer. Does the company have an online or e-commerce store? Explain the product distribution channels the company uses.

Slide 7: The Price P of the Marketing Mix. An explanation of the cost of the main product(s) or cost range. Is this cost of an online product less or more than the cost of the product in a physical store?

Slide 8: A conclusion of key findings in your competitive research and your main objective in marketing your brand in the vitual environment.

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