The classifications of SCM are lean supply chain

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Essays (5 Points Each):

  1. The classifications of SCM are lean supply chain, agile supply chain, closed loop supply chain, reverse supply chain (reverse logistics) and green supply chain.  Define and discuss each of these classifications employing examples to illustrate the offered content.
  2.  What are some of the components of a demand forecast?  For each component listed, detail what the component is, how significant its role is, and examples to support your response and illustrate the concepts being offered.
  3. What are the differences between traditional supply chain processes vs. market-drive supply chain processes?  Are there advantages and disadvantages to each approach? 
  4. Risk Management, Aggregate Planning, and forecasting have been discussed. Compare how these concepts differ when assessing them in the private sector vs. the public sector (e.g.: Department of Defense) environments.


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