The bus you take every morning always arrives anywhere

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Question 1

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The bus you take every morning always arrives anywhere from 2 minutes early to 15 minutes late and it is equally likely that it arrives during any of those minutes. Suppose that you arrive at the bus stop five minutes early. What is the probability that the bus is exactly on time?

A.  0

B.  100%

C.  1/17

D.  1%

Question 2

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X~N(570, 103). Find the z-score corresponding to an observation of 470.

A.  0.97

B.  -0.97

C.  0.64

D.  -0.64

Question 3

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Scores on an exam follow an approximately Normal distribution with a mean of 76.4 and a standard deviation of 6.1 points. What is the minimum score you would need to be in the top 4%?

A.  87.08

B.  86.08

C.  64.72

D.  65.72


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