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These are the comments my team member had for me can you make me new slides, don’t make an introductory on with a place for names, class and course. I don’t need it and I cant delelte it. Thank you

Elaine, I am not sure if you understand the study we based our hypothesis test example on. The original study did find that the combination of medication and therapy did improve behaviors of children with ADHD in 10 of 12 subscales assessed. I think the results of the original study and our hypothesis will be dicussed in other sections. I think your part just needs to focus on setting up the study by describing the populations used in the study as well as the CBCL assessment tool used to measure behavior (like you have already done here). In our paper that I posted with comments, I added a little to your part trying to set up our hypothesis test from the study since it seemed like you were having a tough time with it. Maybe reading that would help you?


CBCL, Child Behaviour Checklist is a report prepared from parents, other close relatives and guardians on children competencies and behavioral or emotional problems. Parents cover 20 competencies items regarding their child’s activities, social relations and school performance. It target children between 6 and 18. Parents rate their children on how true each item is, by using the following scale: 0 = not true (as far as you know); 1 = somewhat or sometimes true; 2 = very true or often true (Thomas M. Achenbach, (n.d)).
However there were no differences found in pre and after CBCL treatments o investigate the changes in the behaviour profiles of patients with ADHD, during long-term treatment. There were no effects noted for the interaction of ADHD subtype by time on all CBCL subscales. The behavioural symptoms of patients with ADHD at home, as measured by the CBCL, did not improve after 12 months of treatment (Liang-Jen Wang, 2013).


Liang-Jen Wang, C.-K. C.-S. (2013, January 25). Changes in Behaviour Symptoms of Patients with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder during Treatment: Observation from Different Informants. Retrieved may 02, 2013, from
Thomas M. Achenbach. (n.d.). Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 6-18 (CBCL/6-18). Retrieved may 02, 2013, from

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