Supplier Opportunity Cost

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1. Offer an example, real or imaginary, of firms in each of the following three situations (do not use the Wiztech case as the basis of your response). Thoroughly explain your examples with numbers.

1a The firm created Added Value by increasing Customer Willingness to Pa

1b The firm created Added Value by reducing Supplier Opportunity Cost

1c The firm increased Customer Willingness to Pay but failed to create Added Value.

2. How can a firm that find’s itself on the losing side of network effects survive? It requires one paragraph.

3. Explain why it is important for managers at all levels to be involved with decisions regarding the use and implementation of information systems.  Include discussion regarding what happens when they are not involved.  Provide examples to support your statements.  It requires a minimum of two paragraphs.

4. What is the difference between “classic information goods” and “information-intensive goods”?  Requires first defining both classic information and information-intensive and then describing the differences – please provide examples.

 5. The fact that information has had to rely on a physical barrier limits its ability to behave accordingly to its inherent characteristics and created a trade-off between richness and reach. Please explain this “Richness and Reach Trade-off. It requires a minimum of two paragraphs.

6. What is the difference between Business and Systems integration?  Define Business Integration and define Systems Integration and then explain the difference with examples.

7. Explain the changes in recent years in society, especially with regard to technology usage, as it relates to the steady increase in; available computing power, available storage capacity, and improved networking technology.  Include examples of both what has happened and what these trends suggest for the future. It requires a minimum of two paragraphs.

8. What is required for the successful design and implementation of an Information System?  It requires two paragraphs.

9. What are some key implications that stem from the notion of systemic effects and the fact that Information Systems exist in an organizational context? It requires two paragraphs.

10. Please draw the socio-technical system diagram to show the components of information systems and the interaction among the components, and define a “third-order” information systems and organizational change?

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