Strayer PAD520 week 4 discussions

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Subject Urban Planning and Policy Topic General Urban Planning and Policy Tutorials:
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"Structuring the Problem"Please respond to the following:

  • Examine Box 3.0 – Conducting a Stakeholder Analysis. Choose one (1) policy issue in the U.S. and generate a list of at least five (5) stakeholders who affect or are affected by problems in the issue area. Next, apply the procedures for a stakeholder analysis. Note: Refer to page 111 in the text for a step-by-step process.
  • From the e-Activity, provide at least two examples from the article and from your own experience of ways that worldviews, ideologies, and popular myths may have shaped the formulation of a specific problem or issue. Provide the source(s) of the paper or report you selected.

"Models and Structuring" Please respond to the following:

  • Review Question 6 and select one of the ill-structured problems taken from the journal Policy Analysis (now the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management Under the title “Department of Unintended Consequences”. Analyze the problem; then, provide an example on how classification analysis, hierarchy analysis, and synectics might be used to structure the problem you selected. Identify the problem you selected in your discussion with one of the following key phrases: (a) Egyptian agriculture, (b) ecologists and field mice, (c) San Francisco’s North Beach parking.
  • From the case study, Case 3.1, analyze the problem; then, provide two key differences in data collection represented by the process of group interviewing and content analysis. Take a position on which data collection method is better. Provide at least two reasons for your position.
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