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ASSIGNMENT – Answer the questions for each exercise. If there is a need for computed answers, solve and write the correct answers from your computed values in the blanks provided.

Exercise 1. Select the correct answer and write the appropriate letter in the space provided.

______1. The interquartile range is the difference between:

a. the second and third quartile. b. the second and fourth quartile.

c. the first and third quartile. d. the first and last quartile.

______2. A contingency table :

a. can only be used when there are two levels of each variable.

b. can be used to study the relationship between ordinal or nominal level variables.

c. can only be used with interval or ratio level variables.

d. is constructed from the quartiles of a data set..

_______3.A dot plot shows the range of values along the:

a. vertical axis. b. ( x, y) diagonal axis.

c. median axis. d. horizontal axis.

______ 4. A scatter diagram is a graphic tool used to portray:

a. the mean of the data values. b. the range of the data values.

c. the midpoint of data values. d. the relationship between variables.

______ 5. In a stem and leaf display:

a. the leaf is the leading digit or digits of the number.

b. the stem is the leading digit or digits of the number.

c. the stem or the leaf can be the leading digit or digits of the number.

d. the stem is the trailing digit.

Exercise 2. Write the correct answer on the space provided.

____________ 1. Six children have heights of 138 cm, 150 cm,135 cm, 140 cm, 139 cm and 141 cm. What

is the range of their heights?

____________ 2. What is the range of the following numbers:19, 21, 18, 17, 18, 22, 46, 88?

____________ 3. What is the median in the following numbers:39, 21, 18, 17, 18, 22, 46?

____________ 4. Masroor took 9 tests in different subjects and got scores of 68, 71, 71,84, 53, 71, 62, 67.

What was Masroor's mode score?

____________ 5. In a set of scores, the value 103 appeared twice, more than any other number. What is the

mode score?

____________ 6. The temperature in degrees Celsius over 4 days last May was 28, 21,19 and 30. What was

the mean temperature?

The weekly salaries of six employees at a restaurant are $180, $220, $98, $180, $140, $200.

For these six salaries, find:

_____________ 7. the median _____________ 8. the mode

_________________________9.A storeowner kept a tally of the sizes of suits purchased in her store. Which

measure of central tendency should the storeowner use to describe the average size suit sold?

_________________________10.A tally was made of the number of times each color of crayon was used by a

kindergarten class. Which measure of central tendency should the teacher use to determine

which color is the favorite color of her class?

A card is chosen at random from a deck of 52 playing cards.

There are 4 Queens and 4 Kings in a deck of playing cards.Using these DATA, answer questions 11 until 13. Show calculations.

_____________11.What is the probability it is a Queen or a King?

_____________12.There are 4 Queens and 4 Kings, so the Number of ways it can happen is__.

_____________13.There are 52 cards altogether, so the Total number of outcomes is______

Use the following table to answer questions 14,15,16 and 17.





















14) Is there a Mode among the sale prices? a. Yes b. No

15) Which of the following is the range of the house price in the above table? __________________

a. $173,500 b. $243,000 c. $196,500 d. $215,000 e. $210,000

16) The median house price in the table is___.

a. $173,500 b. $203,250 c. $196,500 d. $215,000 e. $210,000

17).Which of the house price below is the mean house price in the table to the nearest


a. $210,750 b. $215,763 c. $218,188 d. $199,452 e. $196,961

18) Which of the following is not a valid probability value? ________________________________

A) 0 b) 0.57 c) 11/13 d) 4/3

19) Which of the following is a correct statement about probability?__________________________________

A) Probability values range from 0 to 1, inclusive.

B) Probabilities may assume negative

D) Probabilities are limited to one decimal place

20) A fair coin is tossed three times. What is the probability of obtaining one Head and two Tails?
(A fair coin is one that is not loaded, so there is an equal chance of it landing Heads up or Tails up.)

Show computation.

A) ¼ B)1/3 D) 4/8 B) 3/8

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