SOCW6002 Assignment 2: Social Work and Social Change

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Assignment 2: Social Work and Social Change

Social Work and Social Change

For this Assignment, select one individual from the following list of important historical figures in social work.


Jane Addams

Florence Kelley

Ida M. Cannon

Grace Abbott

Janie Porter Barrett

Ellen Gates Starr

Frances Perkins

Mary Richmond

Richard Cabot

Josephine Shaw Lowell

George Edmund Haynes

Lugenia Burns Hope

Sophonisba Breckinridge

Lillian Wald

Harry Hopkins

Birdye Henrietta Haynes




Submit a 2-page document in which you highlight the important contributions of the individual you selected. Your document should

  • Outline the individual’s path to working in the social work field.
  • Describe the most important contribution(s) of the individual to the field.
  • Explain how the study of this individual would inform your practice as a social worker.
  • Adhere to APA conventions.


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