SCI-204-10938 Bodus Environmental Science with Lab

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week 1



Exercise 1. Part 1) How does a class being conducted online instead of on campus increase or decrease the classes' contribution to the carbon cycle during the term? Consider the differences between the two in terms of methods of travel, and use of facilities, energy, and other resources. Remember to focus on the impact to the carbon cycle. Part 2) Complete the ecological footprint quiz at the following link: and report your results. What did you learn about you and your family's impact on the environment?

Exercise 2. Using ONE ecosystem from the list below, explain the role of the carbon, hydrologic, phosphorus, and nitrogen cycles in this ecosystem.

Choose from a "normal": tropical rain forest, tundra, river delta, or savannah.

Exercise 3. Make a table containing three industrial and one of your activities that impact the nitrogen cycle. List whether each activity results in an increase or a decrease in atmospheric nitrogen. List your references!

ActionIncreases atmospheric NitrogenDecreases atmospheric Nitrogen

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