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MBA565 Marketing

Week 1 Discussion

One concept you have been introduced to is the concept of ‘value-adding.’ Associated with value-adding is the concept of value proposition. How are both of these necessary for a firm to be successful in its marketing strategy?  How might these lead to ethical situations within marketing practices?


MBA565 Marketing

Week 2 Discussion

A friend has approached you with a business idea. She asks for your assistance with figuring out who might be willing to shop at the new business. The Bark and Brew is a coffee/tea shop similar to a Starbucks; however, there is a twist: dogs are welcome. The plan is to carry products that will cater to dogs as well as humans, including drinks and snacks. The intent is not compete with pet stores but to compete with coffee shops. Based on this business idea, consider how you would use marketing research and competitive analysis to assist your friend in determining its viability.

In the determination of opening the Bark and Brew Café, you decide to complete a competitor analysis. Would you use a product form or a product category competition analysis? Why? What would be the source of your information?


MBA565 Marketing

Week 3 Discussion

Loyalty/reward programs are becoming more and more prevalent. With the onset of more loyalty programs, it becomes important for companies to design programs that are differentiated from other competitor programs. What are at least three key aspects that a company must consider when developing a successful loyalty/reward program?


MBA565 Marketing

Week 4 Discussion

For years, Publix Grocery Stores have attempted to develop a strong brand image and has recently started to develop a strong brand relationship. How can Publix use social media to assist in the development of brand relationships?


MBA565 Marketing

Week 5 Discussion

In this module, you reviewed many of the different factors that influence the price a company must establish. One aspect of the price that can be established is the brand image and the brand equity related to the product (discussed in previous modules). Explain how these two items may influence the price you can establish for a product. Support your answer with additional outside materials.


MBA565 Marketing

Week 6 Discussion

In his article "A Layman's View of an Art Exhibition,” Theodore Roosevelt commented that what might appear to be art to one person may not be art to someone else. Leo Tolstoy in his article “What Is Art?” also brought into debate the way people may or may not see and interpret art. How do the viewpoints of these two authors come into play in terms of the effectiveness of a promotional campaign? What concepts might be learned from these two articles in the developing of a promotional campaign? (Support your answer with at least one additional article.) NOTE: You will be prompted to enter your Saint Leo username and password when accessing the linked articles.


MBA565 Marketing

Week 7 Discussion

From the personal selling perspective, there have been many changes in the role of the salesperson over the past decade. One aspect that drives numerous changes is the development of various forms of social media and web-based portals. Complete a quick search and identify at least three different changes within the personal selling arena that have occurred because of either social media or web-based portals. Describe each and state the long-term impact on personal selling as a profession. As an example, one of the newest aspects involves reverse auction hubs. Make sure to provide the sources of your information.


MBA565 Marketing

Simulation  Discussion

One member for each group should post their project in this discussion board to share with the class. Review the next team’s report (Group A reviews Group B; Group B reviews Group C; etc.). After reading the report, identify the following:

One strategy used in their report that would have been beneficial for your strategy that your team did not do.

One strategy that your team did that was better than their team.

Compare and contrast and defend your conclusions.

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