Saint HRA549 module 6 exam 3 2017

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Question 1 (1 point) Question 1 Unsaved

Failure to conduct a reference check opens an organization to the possibility of a negligent hiring suit.

Question 1 options:




Question 2 (1 point) Question 2 Unsaved

A test where candidates are asked to self-report their knowledge of various tasks that will be involved on the job is referred to as a work-sample test.

Question 2 options:




Question 3 (1 point) Question 3 Unsaved

The greater the correlation of any predictor with other predictors of an outcome, the more useful the predictor will be.

Question 3 options:




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The multiple hurdle approach suggests that every candidate should be allowed to take every employment test and selection tool, and all candidates will be evaluated at the end of the selection process.

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Question 5 (1 point) Question 5 Unsaved

Biodata tends to be quite reliable and valid when used to predict future job performance.

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Question 6 (2 points) Question 6 Unsaved

Which of the following methods is the most valid predictor of performance?

Question 6 options:

Personality tests

Handwriting analysis

Unstructured interviews

Biodata forms


Question 7 (2 points) Question 7 Unsaved

The UGESP guides employers to __________.

Question 7 options:

consider alternative selection procedures if an existing selection technique has an adverse impact

keep records based on religion and marital status for all employees

keep records of employee history of drug abuse

perform a local validation study for every subgroup of employee


Question 8 (2 points) Question 8 Unsaved

In comparing internal selection with external selection, an advantage of internal selection is that __________.

Question 8 options:

there is less need to use multiple predictors in assessing internal candidates than with external candidates

internal selection presents fewer dangers of incurring legal liability than external selection

information about internal candidates tends to be more verifiable than information about external candidates

internal selection requires few procedures to locate and screen viable job candidates


Question 9 (2 points) Question 9 Unsaved

According to the ADA, it is not permissible for employers to do which of the following at the pre-offer stage of assessment process?

Question 9 options:

Ask the applicant to demonstrate how he/she could perform the job.

Ask if the applicant has any disabilities.

None of the above is permissible.

Ask the applicant if he/she can perform the job, with or without reasonable accommodation.


Question 10 (7 points) Question 10 Unsaved

Choose a job, provide a single-statement job description, and discuss how you could devise an effective work-sample test for that job.

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